Zoom Devotionals for Incarcerated Youth

Zoom Devotionals for Incarcerated Youth

We are pleased to continue offering specialized & creative outreach ministries to impact the lives of people in the present climate. We understand that we must be intentional when doing ministry.

Because God has strengthened our relationship with the detention centers over the years, we have been provided the opportunity to continue doing weekly devotionals with the boys via Zoom. Our desire is to help incarcerated youth begin a daily walk with God.

Recently, we have started doing weekly Zoom devotionals with incarcerated youth in two Mississippi detention centers. The sessions have included reminders that God is all powerful, and He can help us overcome despair (Matthew 19:26).This has been a great opportunity to remind the youth that God knows about their situation (the good and the bad) yet He still loves them.

The goal of these virtual devotionals is to share the Gospel with the incarcerated youth in hopes of also encouraging the staff. Pray with us as we continue our mission of offering specialized and creative ministries to impact the lives of people.

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