“I support In His Steps Ministries because I see an entire community changing and breaking free of hopeless and vicious cycles. This is an extremely unique concept because part of this ministry is proactive. Children as young as the second grade are given the opportunity to come in and be loved on, ministered to, and fed and I mean literally fed. In many cases the children’s parents, relatives, or guardian are also ministered too as well so the effect is vertical. Watching these kids go through this program is a miracle in itself because they are cared for and mentored through Kingdom principles all the way to college. In turn, the kids themselves become mentors in their own community and a tremendous multiplication effect happens. Now we see real transformation! I haven’t seen a better investment in terms of resources anywhere and I’ve seen a lot of organizations.”

Tommy Miskelly, Miskelly Furniture

“I have supported and encouraged the work of Jasper and Carolyn Bacon over the last thirty years. God is truly using In His Steps Ministries to make a difference in the lives of many. Anybody can talk about the problems facing our community but I know that Jasper and Carolyn are committed through In His Steps ministries to make a difference.”

Dolphus Weary, R.E.A.L. Christian Foundation

Without question, Jasper was led by God to establish In His Steps Ministries. What started as a prison ministry to juveniles has expanded to an educational afterschool program, a Saturday morning reading program, a sports ministry, and many other areas to help at-risk boys and girls come to know Jesus and to disciple them in the Christian walk. I have been pleased to support Jasper and Carolyn in their ministry over the past 20 years, and firmly believe that God is performing a great work in them.

Richard C. Roberts III, Attorney At Law

“Jasper Bacon’s work comes out of his heart and therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse In His Steps Ministries and the work of God through Jasper Bacon. IHS is a great work to reach those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to trust our Savior.”

Dr. Dolphus WearyPresident/Co-Founder of R.E.A.L. Christian Foundation, Richland, MS

“As a pastor, I struggle with the reality the young men Jasper speaks to each week would never be found in one of our churches. In His Steps Ministries provides the missing link between God’s desire to help troubled youth and families and what often becomes an ongoing cycle of difficulty and trouble. Our church is grateful that Jasper goes where we do not, and brings the love of Christ and the message of lasting freedom.”

Rev. Jerry ClarkFormer Pastor, Riverwood Bible Church, Jackson, MS

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