Community Prayer Walk

Community Prayer Walk

Demonstrating God’s Love

As a part of fulfilling our mission of impacting the lives of people for the glory of Jesus Christ, we recently held a prayer walk in the neighboring Northgate community that is located in between the two IHS properties. This was a way to bless the youth and families and bring a greater awareness of the prayer needs in our community.

On the walk, we:

  • Asked families for their prayer requests,
  • Prayed for families,
  • Passed out Gospel tracts, 
  • Ministered to families using a survivor’s kit.

Theme Scripture: Matthew 5:13-16 – Salt and Light
When we live for Christ, others will see His light glowing through us. The goal was that these families see the Light of Jesus as we walked through the neighborhood.

We praise God that out of 50 homes in the neighborhood, we were able to minister to 35 households. We are grateful that 34 of those households requested prayer. We know that when God’s Word is planted in a person’s heart, God can use that seed to create new life—eternal life. Please pray with us as we continue our outreach in the community by sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

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