From Intern to Professor – Dr. Drake Terry

From Intern to Professor – Dr. Drake Terry

Throughout the years, IHS has had many interns come work and serve with us. IHS interns have been an invaluable asset to our ministry and we are grateful to partner with them. Interns can serve in various capacities – education, media and communications, sports ministry, camping ministry, and more. Dr. Drake Terry, a professor of psychology at Mississippi College, was a former intern and is now reconnecting with IHS. We are delighted to rekindle our partnership with Dr. Terry!

Dr. Terry interned with us in the summer of 2016 after his graduation from Mississippi College and before his graduate program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Dr. Terry became involved with IHS through his church Broadmoor Baptist Church, with whom we have a partnership. “I reached out [to IHS] and found a way to help out, share devotionals with the kids, and formed partnerships with local businesses in the area”, said Dr. Terry.

During his internship, Dr. Terry worked in the summer enrichment program by sharing devotionals and bible lessons with the students. During the recreation period, Dr. Terry would come up with new games and activities for the kids implementing adventure-based counseling theories.

He also developed materials to share with potential sponsors and businesses within the community. Dr. Terry said, “Communicating what your ministry is doing encourages others about what God is doing through IHS.” Dr. Terry shared that his internship with IHS prepared him for his graduate studies in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. “ My internship gave me a lens into working with local business leaders and forming partnerships”, he said.

Since Dr. Terry has reconnected with Rev. Bacon, he is eager to rekindle their partnership. “I want to see how the physical property has grown and find out how I can contribute back through connections with Mississippi College”, he said. Interns like Dr. Terry have helped IHS to develop and expand our ministries while impacting the lives of the students in Canton. 

Dr. Terry encourages potential interns interested in IHS to get to know the Bacons and see what the Lord has done through the ministry. “See what God has already done in IHS and see the Bacon’s faithfulness to Canton and the testimonies of the kids in camps and programs”, he shared, “Once you see the fruit, how could you say no to what God is doing?”

We praise the Lord for his faithfulness and providence as we reunite with Dr. Terry. We are proud to see how far he has gone in his career while remaining faithful to Lord. The goal of our ministry is always to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and that extends to our interns as well. We encourage our interns to seek and trust in the Lord during their time at IHS and beyond despite their vocations. An internship with IHS can provide unique experiences and opportunities where interns can develop skills to carry throughout their lives. We are happy to see Dr. Terry become successful in his chosen career while remaining faithful to the Lord. If you are a former IHS intern or have served with us in some capacity before, we would love to hear from you and see what the Lord has been doing in your life! If you are interested in an internship with IHS or have questions about what we do, please reach out to Carolyn Bacon ( for more information. To read about the different internship opportunities, please visit our website here.

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