Campsite Development – PHASE 1

Campsite Development – PHASE 1

What’s Next for IHS?

In His Steps Ministries is excited to announce Phase 1 of the IHS campsite development. The Phase 1 development is meant to improve and expand our Agape Christian Campsite and Training Center. The Agape campus serves as the location for IHS day camps, summer camps, retreats, and Christian conferences. Our half-day camps so far have introduced students to activities like horseback riding, archery, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Our goal is to develop the space to encourage cross-cultural relations, familial relations, and build healthy Christian community for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Phase 1

Our needs to complete Phase 1 of the Campsite include pond renovation, cabin construction, a multipurpose building/cafeteria, and the general utilities to accompany this development (plumbing, utilities, electricity, etc.).


1) Infrastructure (additional utilities and water sewer)
2) Topographical study
3) Major pond renovation
4) Addition to the patio on antebellum home/training center (more covered areas needed for group sessions)
5) Four electronic automatic gates
6) Extension of security fence (north, south, & east side)
7) Construction cost for 3 cabins with heating & cooling units
8) Three split units for antebellum home/training center
9) Part-time camp coordinator, activity coordinator, & custodian
10) Construction of driveway

The estimated cost for Phase 1 is approximately $350,000.00. The land which costs approximately $400,000.00 has been paid in full.

If you are interested in learning more about our campsite development, please contact Jasper Bacon at 601-859-5708 or

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