The Preventive Ministry employs a holistic strategy  (Spiritual, Physical, Academic, Social, and Emotional) of ministering to the child in order to ensure success.

Today the S.P.A.S.E. Program offers three preventative initiatives:

After School Program

Summer Enrichment Program

Saturday Morning Reading Discovery

S.P.A.S.E. Afterschool Program

Providing enrichment to connect learning for our youth. Providing firm building blocks through one-on-one tutoring. College students teaching our students how to identify parts of an essay. Teaching students how to communicate effectively in Spanish in a variety of speaking situations.

Virtual Learning
S.P.A.S.E. student receiving academic enrichment


Providing extended learning opportunities for students with academic support and an opportunity to improve social skills.

2021-2022 S.P.A.S.E. Students with program coordinator Jasmine Thompson

Saturday Morning Reading


Our desire is to improve the reading comprehension skills of our students. We are committed to providing literacy-rich environments for our youth. Our desire is to meet the needs of our students by improving their reading fluency and comprehension skills.  With that in mind, we began our Saturday Reading Program.  Our reading program focuses on reading fluency and reading comprehension.